I am an amateur historian fascinated by the battles and traditions of the British Army.  My particular focus is on the 1st Airborne Division during the Second World War.  However, I will happily read about the British soldier throughout history, from Medieval footmen to the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I love writing almost as much as reading; I intend this blog to be a place to write film and book reviews and general observations on history.

I’m also involved in living history, also known as re-enacting.  I plan to write tips and advice for my fellow re-enactors.  There are a number of assumptions and misconceptions within the living history community; one of my goals is to re-examine the evidence and come up with a fresh perspective.  There are also certain challenges to being an American who re-enacts as British; there are cultural differences, as well as less access to research material.  I plan to explore these areas, as well.

I’ve had my nickname, Tombstone, for about twenty years.  If you remember the old pizza commercials, starring the handsome fellow with the moustache, that was the inspiration.  As far as Colour Sergeant, that’s my rank as unit leader of my re-enacting group.